Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to Skip Castro Funeral After Twitter Backlash

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By Emily Zanotti | 9:46 pm, November 26, 2016

Canada’s Justin Trudeau will not attend Fidel Castro’s funeral in Cuba on Tuesday because “his schedule doesn’t permit it,” the prime minister’s office announced. The news comes after days of outrage and mockery directed at the “woke bae” head of state’s effusive praise for the communist dictator.

Many left-leaning world leaders were quick to offer their condolences over Castro’s death on November 25, but none appeared quite as torn apart as Trudeau, who spoke of his own “deep sorrow” over the passing of “controversial figure” Castro.

Trudeau issued an emotional euology to a man he called a “friend of his father,”  claiming that Fidel, who is reputed to have murdered hundreds and jailed thousands, was a “larger than life leader” who made “significant improvements” to his island nation.

What made Fidel “controversial,” Trudeau never mentions — probably because it would take away, greatly, from Castro’s work on Cuba’s health care and education.

Unlike other leaders that praised Castro’s many “achievements” however, social media — which has often worshipped the boyish, hip Canadian PM in the past — was not so keen on allowing Trudeau’s statement to stand unchallenged.

A number of Twitter users even issued Trudeau their most astringent critique of all: calling his statement worse than Donald Trump’s.

Not content to let the “verified accounts” have all the fun savaging Trudeau, the social media proletariat joined the pile on with #TrudeauEulogies, mimicking the Prime Minister’s dramatic and conciliatory approach to the death of a dictator with guesses of how Trudeau would have handled other notable passings.

Trudeau’s office has not issued any corrections or modifications to his statement, probably because he doesn’t want to give the Internet any more ammunition.