Hunky Justin Trudeau’s Approval Plummets Amid ‘Clinton-Style’ Scandal

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By Andrew Stiles | 1:18 pm, December 14, 2016

Justin Trudeau has won acclaim from liberals around the world for his boyish good looks and his “woke bae” approach to being prime minister of Canada, a  country that borders America.

Trudeau has sought to portray himself as a charming eccentric by, among other things, photobombing wedding pictures and taking his shirt off in caves, but what lurks below the surface? Something more sinister, perhaps?

The prime minister is no stranger to controversy. Trudeau caused an uproar earlier this year when he elbowed a female colleague in the chest on the floor of Parliament.

Trudeau also has something of a “shrinkage” problem on his hands. The Canadian economy is contracting. The feminist hunk PM also caused outrage by posting what was described as a “love letter” to Fidel Castro following the Cuban dictator’s death. In his now notorious letter, Trudeau described the dead tyrant as a “remarkable leader” and “legendary revolutionary.”

Now according to a recent poll, public support for Trudeau’s Liberal Party has plummeted nine points over the last month, as the prime minister has become embroiled in a series of “Clinton-style” political scandals.

Earlier this week, the prestigious National Post in Canada reported that donations to the wealthy Trudeau family’s charitable foundation have surged since Trudeau became prime minister in 2015. The Trudeau Foundation received $731,000 in donations in 2016, compared to just $172,000 in 2014. The majority of recent donations came from foreign sources and companies lobbying the Canadian government for policy changes. Sound familiar?

Trudeau officially stepped down from the foundation after becoming prime minister, but that didn’t stop him from taking part in lavish fundraisers with corporate lobbyists on the foundation’s behalf. The revelations have raised ethical concerns, as they may constitute a violation of the Liberal Party’s bylaws.

The prime ministers has dismissed allegations of wrongdoing, and recently gave a Clintonesque response to the mounting concern over his foundation-related activities. “No matter where I am or who I am talking to I always talk about the same thing: The fact that our priorities are to create economic growth for the middle class,” Trudeau said on the floor of Parliament on Tuesday.