Juanita Broaddrick’s Misogynist Megyn Kelly Tweet Undermines Her Claim of Rape

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By Louise Mensch | 12:58 pm, October 28, 2016

Juanita Broaddrick makes some unproven claims that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her a long time ago.

As one of the first of his accusers, Broaddrick claims Clinton raped her when she was 35. Broaddrick herself has been described as credible by Peggy Noonan, whose work all journalists respect.

Yet on Twitter, “she” has been speaking about Fox News senior anchor and journalist Megyn Kelly in a way that makes many people wonder if the elderly Broaddrick, 72, is in fact running the twitter account with her name on it

Broaddrick retweeted a tweet by a Putinbot account featuring Kelly’s face photoshopped onto a model in her lingerie, which compared the highly respected anchor to Charles Manson – yep, the mass-murdering Charles Mansion.

Appears is putting ego before a career & country. Megyn Kelly is a journalist like Charlie Manson is a humanitarian.

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Not only did the self-proclaimed “rape victim” sexually demean another woman and compare her to a mass-murderer for taking on the ugly tactics of “Eye Of” Newt Gingrich on the air, as we can see, Broaddrick was both re-tweeting a Russian bot and being retweeted herself by a row of Russian bots, here appearing as eggs.


Twitter’s engineers have recently cracked down on the Russian bot net and the troll fakers are apparently losing their fake avatar photos right left and centre.

Donald Trump’s latest tweet displays with a similar row of ‘egg’ boosters.


At any rate, “many people are saying” that Juanita Broaddrick’s accusations against would-be First Gentleman Bill Clinton just a good deal of credibility – real rape victims are unlikely to smear other women with entirely faked sexualized photos, as “she” just did.

The other alternative is that it is not Broaddrick tweeting from the account, but a pro-Trump alt-right troll. News organizations have queried whether the 72 year old actually runs the account, describing that as a ‘claim’. Yet others say that they have interviewed Broaddrick, verifying it is her.

Either way, her tweets do her claims against President Clinton no favors whatsoever.