Survey: Journalists Are Ready for Hillary Clinton

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By Andrew Stiles | 3:05 pm, April 28, 2016

POLITICO Magazine’s annual media issue focuses primarily on Donald Trump and attempts to answer the question of whether the media is focusing too much on Donald Trump. But while the media may be obsessed with Trump, it’s Ready for Hillary.

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The special issue includes an extensive survey on the attitudes of political reporters toward the 2016 race. It even asked which candidate these reporters were planning to vote for in the general election.

The sample size wasn’t huge (82), but neither is the world of Beltway journalism. Most reporters declined to answer, or said they weren’t planning to vote at all. But the vast majority of the ones who did answer said they planned to vote for Hillary Clinton. The remaining candidates got one vote each.

This isn’t very surprising. A much broader survey of journalists conducted in 2013 found that self-identified Democrats in the media outnumbered their Republican colleagues four to one.

Remember the time members of the press sprinted after Hillary’s van like a bunch of middle school girls chasing Justin Bieber?

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A few other interesting nuggets from the POLITICO survey:

  • Only 8% of reporters are registered Republicans; 21% are registered Democrats.
  • Reporters overwhelmingly said Donald Trump’s campaign was the least friendly to the press. The most press-friendly? The Ted Cruz campaign. 
  • Reporters said, based on their behind-the-scenes experience, that Hillary Clinton was the candidate least-liked by her campaign staff.
  • Reporters were evenly split in their opinions of Donald Trump’s media coverage—39% said coverage was biased in favor of Trump, 38% said there was no bias, and 23% said coverage was biased against Trump.
  • Reporters thought Fox News had done the best job moderating debates this cycle, with CNN a close second.