John McAfee Is Armed, Angry and Running for President

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By Heat Street Staff and Free Media | 11:14 pm, May 8, 2016

His kitchen cabinet is made up of a former hooker who is also his wife, a security guy, and himself. He has made, and lost, a lot of money. He believes the system and the establishment are badly flawed. He is a self-styled liberator of women and he loves the camera. Before you start thinking, “oh those media types, so out of touch, with their simplification of what’s going on in the country,” chill a bit. We are talking about a guy called John McAfee.

Yes, there are other people running for president. Some of them have as colorful a background as the folks we have now. And some of their ideas are just as powerful, or absurd, depending on your viewpoint, as those which come out of Donald Trump’s mouth. Heat Street, along with our partners at Free Media, went down to the woods of Tennessee to visit the candidate who has a lot in common with Trump.

John McAfee is running to be the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president. McAfee, as in the stuff that’s supposed to keep your computer safe from viruses. McAfee created the software company that still bears his name and sold it many years ago. A lot of people realized he existed when he “went on the run” from police in Belize after they wanted to question him in a murder case.

McAfee says the incident was really all about his exposure of (alleged) corruption in the government of Belize and the government’s alleged connection to a massive drug cartel. No, he’s not questioning the birthplace of Belize’s leader, Dean Oliver Barrow. McAfee is, by his own admission, extremely concerned about assassins sent by the cartel. He is also one of the more interesting voices in the country when it comes to the risks posed to our liberty by an intricate system of computers that run things.

You wonder if McAfee had met the guy who created Survivor a decade ago, if our politicians might be breathing down the neck of angry nerds inside the Matrix instead of Mexicans and Muslims.

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