Ivanka Trump Clothes Being Re-labled for Sale at Discount Retailers

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By Emily Zanotti | 5:08 pm, April 25, 2017

Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories company says its enjoying record sales, but its licensing and distribution agency, G-III, appears to be re-labeling the First Daughter’s signature apparel so that it doesn’t cause a political controversy at Stein Mart and other discount clothing retailers.

G-III switched the labels on some of Ivanka’s dresses to read “Adrienne Vittadini,” the name of another designer whose clothing they are licensed to manufacture and sell, but did it without telling the First Daughter’s company, according to Business of Fashion.

BoF even has a picture of two identical dresses, each sold at different retailers but with different designer labels.

But G-III says its not necessarily their fault—it could be Stein Mart’s. The discount store, which has outlets across the country, was afraid that it would get the same blowback felt by major retailers like Nordstrom if it put Ivanka Trump-labeled merchandise out on the sales floor.

Apparently, they got complaints, and one customer, who clearly has issues, even pulled an Ivanka Trump dress off the rack in front of a salesperson and spit on it, and then stormed out of the store.

Even if American stores, like Nordstrom, have dropped some of Ivanka’s products (the department store only sold select styles of her shoes and bags), the brand is still reportedly doing very well, both in the US and in China, where Ivanka and her family are celebrities. The Ivanka Trump brand’s sales increased more than $17 million from 2015 to 2016, according to G-III.

But even if Ivanka was causing Stein Mart problems, manufacturers aren’t allowed to just randomly switch designer labels, even if they make both brands. Both the new and old label need to know the product lines are being reconfigured, and in this case, it seems neither Ivanka nor Adrienne had any idea.