Ivanka and Melania are Sporting Bargain Rack Labels to Appeal to Everyday Americans

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By Emily Zanotti | 3:55 pm, June 12, 2017

The Trump family may be looking to improve its overall image among the American people and for makeover tips, they’re turning to the Obamas—and the bargain rack at the local Target.

Ivanka Trump, specifically, has been a charm offensive, aimed at middle American women. She’s appeared on the cover of checkout line-and-waiting room staple US Weekly, and she’s traded in her thousand-dollar wardrobe for a capsule collection of dresses and outfits you can snag off the bargain rack at a local department store.

It all started last week with a Victoria Beckham for Target dress that started life at $35 but can be found lurking on the clearance rack for a mind-blowing $10.

But Ivanka didn’t stop there. All last week, paired looks from her own affordable clothing line with affordable shoes and accessories. She’s been sporting floral dresses from the Ivanka Trump brand as she traverses the East Coast, wearing one outfit to do arts and crafts with her kids, and another to throw her sister-in-law Lara (Eric Trump’s wife) a baby shower.

Over the weekend, Ivanka was spotted sporting a JCrew gingham dress that retails for just around $80—so cheap it seemed White House style watchers had a hard time finding a “look for less” that was actually less expensive. On Monday morning, Ivanka was dressed in Alexander McQueen—but a look she’d pulled out from the back of her closet. She wore the same dress last summer at the RNC.

As the First Family begins their official move into the White House, it seems Ivanka’s half brother, Barron, is taking his style cues from his older sister. Stepping off Marine One, heading to his new home at 1600 Pennsylvania, Barron paired a $30 JCrew tee shirt with a pretty average looking pair of navy chinos.

The Trump kids seem to be taking a page out of Michelle Obama’s handbook; the former First Lady claimed to shop at JCrew and was once pictured filling up a cart at Target when the Obama family was going through a particular rough PR patch.

Of course, Michelle Obama interspersed her bargain staples with of-the-moment designer items, often by up-and-coming designers like Jason Wu and Boy. By Band of Outsiders.

Even Melania seems to be getting in on the game. The current First Lady enjoys a remarkable relationship with some of the world’s top designers, like Dolce & Gabbana, but she’s been keeping it simple, wearing items from her personal wardrobe that hover only around $1,000—pretty cheap considering her closet is stocked with haute couture (including a $50,000 D&G couture coat).

She didn’t give up her Hermes Birkin bag, though—it seems some sacrifices might just be a bit too much for the sake of politics.