It’s Not Just Hillary: Voters Hate Bill Clinton Now, Too

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By Joe Simonson | 9:56 am, May 30, 2017

Hillary Clinton really is the anti-Midas—everything she goes near turns into total shit (or under FBI investigation). A new University of Virginia Center for Politics-Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that simply remaining associated with Hillary has done tremendous damage to the former president’s approval rating.

Hillary Clinton gesticulating about something likely unimportant.

Participants in the survey rated nine previous American presidents, starting with Clinton, on a scale of zero to 10. John F. Kennedy received the highest approval, at 53 percent.  In a major drop, only 28 percent of those asked said Clinton stood out in their mind “as the best president.”  Clinton also had the most dramatic drop: back in 2012, some  46 percent of voters thought Bubba was Numero Uno.

Respondents were asked if “you could bring back any of the U.S. presidents, living or dead, to be the next president of the United States, who would you most want to be the next president?” An abysmal 6 percent chose Clinton—a 15-percent drop from 2012.  In a small glimmer of hope that the American Dream isn’t totally crushed, Ronald Reagan came in first at 23 percent to Kennedy’s 22 percent.

UVA and Ipsos concluded that part of the reason why Americans have finally come to their senses about Bill is Hillary’s disastrous campaign.

“Bill Clinton has suffered a sharp decline since 2012. Whereas 33% of respondents rated him as a 9 or 10 on a 0 to 10 scale five years ago, our new poll finds just 16% rate him as a 9 or 10. This shift comes from an across-the-board partisan decay in positive views of the former president, with more Democrats, Republicans, and Independents rating Clinton more unfavorably. Bill Clinton’s worsened public perception may mirror the similar decline of his wife, Hillary Clinton, during and in the aftermath of a brutal, unsuccessful presidential election,” the survey author’s wrote.

A very handsome John F. Kennedy hard at work.


While JFK continues to benefit in public opinion polls from his tragic assassination despite actually being a completely mediocre president, Americans are pulling the mask off the saxophone-playing stud and seeing him for what he really is—a leader who benefited from a roaring economy and advisers who told him to moderate.

And like a Scooby-Doo villain finally nabbed at the end of an episode, Bill would have gotten away with conning the American people into thinking he was a good president if it wasn’t for that wife of his and that darn dog—Donald Trump.

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