Is Melania the ‘Queen of Shade?’ First Lady Ices Out President Trump on Foreign Trip

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By Emily Zanotti | 4:58 pm, May 23, 2017

Melania Trump may be on her first extended foreign trip as First Lady, but she doesn’t have to like it. Or, at least, she doesn’t have to like her travel companion, President Donald Trump.

Twice in two days—Monday in the Middle East and Tuesday, upon arriving in Italy—the First Lady rebuffed her husband’s advances in a very public, noticeable way. First refusing to hold his hand on the tarmac in Israel, and then brushing away his hand as they disembarked Air Force One in Rome.


And Tuesday:

Poor Donald just can’t catch a break!

Both denials, of course, could have logical explanations. Hand-holding isn’t necessarily Presidential protocol, and the White House likely instructed the pair to refrain from touching in places like Saudi Arabia, where public displays of affection are strictly prohibited.

In Italy, she might not even have noticed he was looking to grasp her hand as they descended the staircase together. He did manage to pat her on the behind, regardless of her desire to clasp sweaty palms.

Others suggest the pair is just “awkward.” Rush Limbaugh says its their “thing” and that the two were sharing a “modified fist bump.” Regardless, the Internet is rife with speculation on the state of the First Couple’s marriage, even dubbing Melania the ‘Queen of Shade.’

Speculation about the First Couple’s state of affairs (in some cases, literally) is nothing new. Obviously Bill and Hillary Clinton’s relationship was always in question, and rumors were constantly swirling that Barack and Michelle Obama were on the rocks (even after the pair left the Oval Office). In recent memory, only the Bush family seems to have avoided the rumor mill.

Hopefully the romance of Italy, though, will help rekindle the love for Donald and Melania. Once they return, she’ll be moving into the White House full time—and they’re going to have to like each other then.