Iraqi Parents Name New Babies ‘Trump’

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By Jillian Kay Melchior | 12:00 pm, December 5, 2016
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At least two newborn babies in Iraqi Kurdistan now bear the name “Trump,” reports Kurdish news channel NRT. On Election Day, just as a Donald Trump’s victory was announced, a Yazidi family that had survived attacks from the Islamic State named their newborn after the president-elect.

And in late November, a Kurdish family north of Erbil also named their baby after Trump. The father, 24-year-old Hassan Jamil, is a Peshmerga soldier, and he says he hopes the president-elect will support the Kurdish forces’ fight against the Islamic State.

“I love Donald Trump,” said the new dad. “I was eager for him to be elected as the U.S. president. I believe he has a strong personality, [and] that is why I named my newborn child ‘Trump.’ … I couldn’t sleep the night people were casting their ballots to elect the U.S. president, not until it was revealed that Donald Trump was the winner.”

The phenomenon isn’t limited to Iraq. A Kenyan couple recently named their three-month-old “Donald Trump Otieno.”

And the 2016 election has also affected naming in the United States. In June, BabyCenter reported an 8 percent popularity bump for the name “Donald” in the U.S.

“Melania” and “Ivanka” also became more popular—though the name “Hillary” was the runaway winner, increasing 142 percent..