Internet Responds to DHS’s Illegal Alien Reporting Hotline by Reporting UFOs

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By Emily Zanotti | 2:02 pm, April 27, 2017

On Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security rolled out an “illegal alien reporting hotline,” pursuant to one of Donald Trump’s campaign promises. People can call to report crimes committed in their communities which they believe violate immigration laws and request help from DHS.

The hotline, 1-855-48-VOICE, stands for “Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office,” and it’s a 24-hour reporting line with customer service agents ready to take your complaints.

But, unfortunately for DHS, they never actually specified what kind of illegal alien we should be on the lookout for, so Internet users took it upon themselves to encourage the DHS to be more specific – by flooding 1-855-48-VOICE.

Immediately, DHS’s lines were flooded with Twitter denizens calling to report that they’d been victimized by little green men from Mars and other assorted space-faring creatures, including a number of “Most Wanted.”

Technically, its rare that Doctor Who would step foot inside the United States, but we suppose it’s merely out of an abundance of caution that he would be included in the list. Superman, of course, is naturally suspicious, and ET is technically on the run from Federal officials.

Some social media users even warned that Bigfoot should be reported to DHS authorities, because he’s technically Canadian.

The original poster, Alex McCoy, said that he thought it might be an interesting way for people to “speak out” on the subject of Trump’s immigration policies, but it did have an unexpected consequence.

One Twitter user who got through to the Department of Homeland Security’s VOICE line operators  did tell Buzzfeed that the real victims in all of this might not be an administration that VOICE callers disagreed with, but the unsuspecting phone bank operators who had to take the calls.

Another reported that, at one point, DHS became so fed up with what they later termed the “hoax callers” that they just began hanging up on them.

DHS has not shut down the VOICE line, but told media that they are looking into ways to better screen callers before they get to the stage where they speak to a human about their illegal alien encounter.