Indie Band Melts Down Over Trump, Claims He ‘Incited So Many Hate Crimes It Surpasses 9/11’

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 8:27 am, November 21, 2016

Popular indie rock band Grizzly Bear has slammed the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Donald Trump and his voters in a bizarre rant posted on Facebook, saying “We are a fucked up racist country” while Trump “has incited so many hate crimes in just 10 days it surpasses 9/11”.

In a Facebook post, the band’s lead singer Ed Droste asked his fans “who else is excited for Thanksgiving?” before quickly adding: “Wait, we slaughtered millions of Native Americans and stole their land. Yayyyyyy!”

His comment then turned to President-Elect Trump and his voters, saying “We are a fucked up racist country”, urging people to stop saying that those who voted for him aren’t racist, because that’s just “your poor white privilege.”


“This country is built on blood, and all y’all ‘make America great again’ idiots are literally harkening back to a fictional idea of the past. White supremacy still lives, but ur attempt to make it ‘great again’ is a huge step back on progress. It’s a fantasy for white people that never existed and for everyone else was a collective nightmare,” Droste wrote.

The lead singer also made a bizarre claim that “Domestically, Trump has incited so many hate crimes in just 10 days it surpasses 9/11”.

He also added:

My rights as a gay man are in jeopardy…. and millions of others are even worse off. So eat your turkey, and be grateful you aren’t under attack because if you voted for Trump you’re pretty much saying your white privilege “trumps” the millions of people that are victims of the hate he enabled and encouraged amongst “the white working class”.

After fans expressed their frustration with the comment, the band started insulting their own listeners. One apparent fan wrote “Just stop…”, to which the band responded: “Fragile white boy ?” Another fan also commented under the post: “Just lost another fan”. The band responded with “And who the Fuck are you ?”



Interestingly, the band announced a month ago that they are close to finishing a new album. Virtue signaling to sell records?