Indiana Town Tells Residents It Can’t Force Pro-Trump Bar to Change ‘Grab Them by the P-SSY’ Signage

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By Jillian Kay Melchior | 3:44 pm, October 19, 2016
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Instead of advertising $4 buckets of wings or two-for-one beer specials, the Griffith Town Tap in Indiana used its neon sign to help get out the vote for Trump and with some suitably off-color language: “Vote Trump, Grab Them By the P-SSY,” the yellow sign blared.

It caused a stink in Griffith, with some residents complaining to the town council. But the council’s lawyer announced yesterday that officials can’t demand that a politically inflammatory sign be changed.

One of the Trump campaign’s Indiana offices is in Griffith, and Michelle Creech, the bar’s owner, has donated the use of her property to the campaign, MSNBC reported in April.

On one Facebook account, someone resembling Creech lists her name as “Shelly Trump.” The bar owner has apparently also photo-shopped Trump into a wedding photo with her.

Griffith Town Tap and its Trump-loving owner faced public outcry on social media. There’s even a petition with nearly 4,000 signatures calling for Griffith Town Tap and another Creech-owned local business to shutter.

At the Griffith Town Council meeting last night, the city’s attorney said he had no authority to force Creech to change words on her bar’s sign. One councilwoman noted the town had twice gone to court over similar signage issues, “and the judges simply say, ‘Freedom of speech.’ I’m sorry.”

Last week, Creech posted this on her Facebook page.

Creech did make one word change to the sign last week, perhaps to pacify her neighbors, switching to something slightly less provocative: “Vote Trump, Grab Them by the $1.00 Pint.”