I’m Without Her: Bernie and Hillary Are Taking a Break From Each Other

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By Emily Zanotti | 2:29 pm, October 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders won’t be appearing together this week, according to a late-night announcement from the Clinton campaign, and likely thanks to a simmering disagreement over Bernie’s legions of fans.

Last week, the Washington Free Beacon released audio of Hillary Clinton telling a roomful of supporters that Bernie Sanders’s supporters were a bunch of basement-dwelling, unemployed millennials looking for an easy handout (though not in so many words).

While Clinton’s team played off the comments as sympathetic, it was hard to dismiss the condescending tone with which Clinton dismissed Sanders’ promises of free college, free healthcare and a “Scandanavian-type” society—especially the part where she told the audience the Bernie Sanders was a peddler of “false promises.”

Sanders was scheduled to appear on the Sunday morning shows to present a “show of solidarity” with Clinton, and explain that his supporters found Clinton sympathetic to their plight. But Sanders wandered off script when asked about Clinton’s statement that he sold a “false promise” to young people and whether it bothered him.

“Well look, of course it does,” Sanders told CNN. “So we have differences. There’s nothing to be surprised about. That’s what a campaign is all about.”

Late Sunday night, the Clinton campaign coincidentally announced that it had “reset” its agenda for the week, and would be skipping several planned appearances with Senator Sanders. Instead, Sanders will speak to swing state crowds in Ohio and Wisconsin by himself.

It might be for the best. Clinton has been using Sanders as a surrogate to reach out to disaffected millennials and left-leaning independents who, according to social media, are sore at her comments. It may be easier for Sanders to make his argument to disaffected progressives without Clinton dragging him down.