Huffington Post Deletes Embarrassing Piece Calling For Trump Supporters’ ‘Podunk Towns’ To Be Destroyed by Nuclear Weapons

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 4:09 pm, April 21, 2017

Huffington Post published (and later deleted, following complaints) an article declaring that Donald Trump voters deserve to have their “Podunk towns” annihilated in nuclear fire.

Chris Cali (via Soundcloud)

Oakland-based artist and blogger Chris Cali wrote an article entitled “Trump Supporters Deserve to Die More Than I Do” to express his outrage at Trump’s recent use of the largest non-nuclear bomb, dubbed the “Mother of All Bombs,” fearing it would bring America to the brink of war with North Korea. He communicated his anger with a fantasy about the suffering and deaths of Trump supporters.

In his now-deleted piece (archived here, and first reported by Free Beacon), Cali speculated on whether President Trump personally profited from the use of the MOAB, and threatened that the President’s actions were enough to provoke North Korea into engaging in nuclear war.

“The thought of a world in which mentally unstable dictators are hurling nuclear warheads at one another is pretty terrifying, especially if you’re a person like me, who lives in a major U.S. city,” wrote the author.

“San Francisco might not be at the top of the target list, but I’m betting it’s higher up than some s***hole town in Nebraska,” continued Cali. “In fact, the majority of states where Trump supporters continue to wear their red ‘MAGA’ caps and give a solid thumbs up to the putrid dumpster fire of an administration he’s been running so far don’t contain a single town where a ‘radical Islamic terrorist’ would even stop to take a s*** in a Walmart bathroom, let alone one that a crazed N. Korean leader would want to nuke into oblivion.”

The author even had words for Florida, stating it was “long overdue for a disaster to sink it into the ocean.”

“The fact that the first Americans to be vaporized or poisoned with radiation in the coming nuclear war will be the ones who tried to stop this crazy train from leaving the station just seems kind of…unfair,” Cali declared.

A portion of the article is replete with various indictments against Trump. It includes unproven claims (he calls them “crimes”) revolving around sexual assault and the rape of a child, referencing some of the lawsuits the President currently faces.

As for Trump’s supporters, Cali vehemently disagreed with liberals who call for compassion towards the working-class voters who support Trump.

“They want you to know how much they hate immigrants and Blacks and Jews and gays and women and trans people in public bathrooms,” wrote Cali furiously. “They want to gloat that this is ‘Trump’s America’ now while wearing a Pepe the Frog t-shirt and that they can’t wait to see you deported or dead.”

“So sorry not sorry, but the ones who actually deserve to have a nuke dropped on them first are the ones who voted to get us all into this mess. They’re the ones who would have brought it on themselves if their health care was taken away and they dropped dead from their pre-existing conditions,” he added.

“If a bunch of these hypocrites who chanted ‘lock her up’ overdose on Oxy and decimate their Podunk towns, honestly, the human species will be better off without them. It’ s practically Darwinian,” wrote Cali with finality. “These are the people who deserve to have their towns annihilated.”

Tell us how you really feel, Chris.

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.