Former DNC Chair Howard Dean Calls Senior Trump Adviser Steve Bannon a ‘Nazi’

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By Andrew Stiles | 7:05 am, November 22, 2016

Howard Dean, the former DNC chairman and presidential candidate best known for screaming like a maniac, has accused one of Donald Trump’s senior advisers of being a “Nazi.”

In an interview with Canada’s CTV News this week, Dean leveled the explosive charge against Steve Bannon, who was recently announced as a senior counselor to the president-elect.

Prior to joining the Trump campaign in August, Bannon was the CEO of Breitbart News, a website Dean described as a “far-right, anti-Semitic publication.”

Dean said Trump was a “complicated guy” who had hired a “reasonable” chief of staff — RNC chairman Reince Preibus — but whose “senior adviser is a Nazi.”

Pressed by the Canadian interviewer whether it was appropriate to use such a “big word” to describe a political opponent, Dean did not back down.

“It’s a big word and I don’t usually use it unless somebody’s really anti-Semitic, really misogynistic, really anti-Black,” Dean said.

The former DNC chair is not alone in criticizing the hiring of Bannon. Nearly 200 House Democrats have called on Trump to rescind Bannon’s appointment, citing his ties to “anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and racism.”

Dean is also no stranger to leveling heavy-handed accusations. A medical doctor, Dean was widely criticized by members of his own party for suggesting Donald Trump was abusing cocaine after the Republican nominee sniffled during one the debates.

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