How Many Vacations Do Jared and Ivanka Plan to Take?

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By Joe Simonson | 10:37 pm, April 16, 2017

Sometimes you need to put your work aside and take some much needed time off — even if your work is solving some of America’s biggest problems.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump haven’t yet shaken the habit of taking extravagant vacations every time they feel a little bit cooped up in their DC mansion. Vacation is important, but the constant trips are getting a little bit conspicuous.

Shortly after Donald Trump’s victory, the couple took their kids to the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Hawaii for a beachside Hanukkah celebration.  Maybe that trip was deserved, after all the two probably deserved a little R&R after helping The Donald pull off one of the most miraculous wins in the history of American politics. Ivanka even flew coach!

Apparently Ivanka and Jared’s time in the sun wasn’t enough to totally recharge her batteries.  During March’s Congressional health care debacle, all three Trump children decided to hit the slopes in Aspen with their families.  The Aspen outing reportedly required roughly 100 members of the Secret Service.  If that seems like a lot of resources for a simple ski trip, you clearly haven’t felt the magical feeling of Buttermilk’s fresh powder under your skis.

As spring warms The Swamp up, the president’s senior advisers fit in one more ski trip, this time over Passover at the ritzy Four Seasons Whistler in Canada during a possible nuclear confrontation with North Korea.  Jared left early so he could help his father-in-law drop giant weapons on tunneling terrorists while Ivanka enjoyed a plate of matzah and cream cheese at the Four Seasons buffet. 

For the daughter and son-in-law of a guy who ran on a populist message slamming out-of-touch globalists, they sure seem to spend time trotting around the world racking up hotel bills that cost more than some people’s mortgages.  You’d think someone would try to give them an optics lessons.  After all, Ivanka’s approval rating, high for the Trump administration, hovers around a mere 46 percent — and drops to 21 percent when young women are asked.

While blue-collar workers try to get enough hours at work to put food on the table, Ivanka & Co. are setting the precedent that no crisis is more important than a scheduled vacation. Such a concept is only relatable to those with an eight-figure inheritance—the kind of people a lot of Trump voters hate. Most people decide to head to grandma’s house for the holidays, not luxurious ski resorts that look like they’re fueled by incinerated poor people.

On the other hand, perhaps federal civil servants will follow Ivanka’s lead and stop showing up to work.  If Steve Bannon wants to dismantle the administrative state, the easiest way might not be through mass firings, but mass vacation days.  Trump might need Ivanka and Jared in the Situation Room next time Russia wants to expand its territory, but I’ll let them soak up the sun in St. Barts and risk a nuclear Holocaust if it means a bunch of turds in the EPA decide to stay home.

I realize Ivanka and Jared are probably frustrated by criticisms about their vacation habits, but they’re administration officials now.  Their simple presence in the White House causes enough nepotism concerns alone. If they want to act like they’re not getting special treatment, they could start by maybe taking fewer grand vacations.

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