Holocaust Survivors Campaign to Disinvite ‘Hate Peddler’ Linda Sarsour from New York College

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 4:57 pm, May 17, 2017
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Anti-Israel activist and Women’s March on Washington organizer Linda Sarsour is the subject of a letter-writing campaign by 100 Holocaust survivors calling for her disinvitation from the City University of New York, where she is scheduled to deliver a speech on June 1st.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the 100 Holocaust survivors penned their letter to New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo asking him to bar her from speaking at the publicly funded university.

Sarsour’s views on Jewish people and her promotion of Sharia Law have long been the subject of controversy since her entry into the public spotlight earlier this year, where she was one of the organizers and headline speakers at the Women’s March opposing Donald Trump. She has been actively promoted by Democratic politicians including NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as a modern day “suffragist” and Bernie Sanders, who tweeted #IMarchWithLinda. The DNC Vice Chair even went so far as to threaten her critics.

Linda Sarsour with Bernie Sanders (via Facebook)

In a recent interview, Sarsour commented that it was impossible for any person to be a feminist unless he or she was in opposition to Israel’s “occupation” of the West Bank, which is legally a part of Israel.

“You can’t be a feminist in the United States and stand up for the rights of the American woman and then say that you don’t want to stand up for the rights of Palestinian women in Palestine,” she said.

Linda Sarsour

She was also criticized for publicly advocating for convicted Palestinian terrorist and Women’s March organizer Rasmea Odeh, who will be deported to Jordan.

The upcoming even has met strong opposition from Jewish leaders, including former ADL chief Abraham Foxman.

“What Linda Sarsour advocates for—boycotts against Jewish businesses in Israel and random acts of violence against the innocent—are no different than the things that we personally experienced,” the survivors wrote. “This is a frightening reality that we hoped we would never see again.”

“But what makes matters worse is to again see good people and respected institutions responding with indifference,” the letter continued.  “Nothing good can come of Ms. Sarsour telling young people, with CUNY’s imprimatur, that violence against the innocent for any reason at all is acceptable or courageous.”

New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind has been vocal in his criticism of Sarsour, and is leading the effort to get CUNY to disinvite her by calling her a “hate peddler.”

“It’s a sad day for New York,” said the assemblyman to the Jerusalem Post. “Our most vulnerable citizens—elderly Holocaust survivors who understand the price of ignoring evil—have to cry out to their elected officials regarding something as obvious as not offering an official platform to a hate peddler like Linda Sarsour.”

“This wolf in sheep’s clothing has fooled some of the people, but her tweets and the things she’s said on stage betray her fondness for violence against Jews,” he added. “This is something New York State-funded schools should distance themselves from, not tacitly approve.”

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.