The 5 Most Savage Hillary Clinton Burns from Colin Powell’s Emails

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By Andrew Stiles | 2:12 pm, September 14, 2016

Colin Powell’s personal emails were hacked and leaked by a website associated with Guccifer 2.0, the Russian-linked hacker who recently released embarrassing DNC staff emails that led to multiple resignations.

The emails reveal that Powell, who served a secretary of state under George W. Bush, does not have a very high opinion of Hillary Clinton. Here are his five most savage burns. Enjoy!


Powell complained in August 2015 that Hillary’s email scandal was going to “dick up the legitimate and necessary use of emails with friggin records rules.” He cited it as another example of how “everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris,” and mentioned that a university cancelled a speech he had been invited to give because Hillary “so overcharged them they came under heat.”

(Hubris, of course, is the Ancient Greek word for “false pride”. In Greek mythology those heroes cursed by hubris inevitably end up in Hell enduring some sort of gruesome, literally Sisyphean torture. We wonder what Powell thinks will befall Hillary.)

“She could barely climb the podium steps”

During a 2015 exchange regarding Hillary advanced age, Powell’s business partner Jeffrey Leeds relayed a conversation he had with a Democratic senator who recently spoke at the same event with Hillary, who could “barely climb the podium steps.”

“On HD tv she doesn’t look good”

In that same email conversation, Powell said that “there is something to” the concerns about Hillary’s health. “On HD tv she doesn’t look good,” Powell wrote. “She is working herself to death.”

“I had to throw a mini tantrum at a Hampton’s party”

Powell was really annoyed that Hillary kept trying to blame him for her decision to set up a private email server as secretary of state. Powell has admitted to using a personal account for non-classified communications, but he never built his own server.

“I told her staff three times not to try that gambit,” Powell wrote to an associate. “I had to throw a mini tantrum at a Hampton’s party to get their attention.”

Hillary kept blaming him anyway.

“Unbridled ambition… with a husband still dicking bimbos”

In a July 2014 exchange with Leeds, his business partner, Powell explained why he “would rather not vote for” Hillary, even though he considered her a friend. “A 70-year-old person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greed, not transformational, with a husband still dicking bimbos at home (according to the NYP).”

Here, presumably, is the New York Post story Powell is referring to, about Bill’s secret mistress, code named: “Energizer” (bunny).

Powell deserves props, if only because most people who have their emails hacked and published don’t typically come off looking so well.