Hillary’s Top Aides Rush to the Defense of Embattled Chelsea Clinton

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By Emily Zanotti | 4:14 pm, April 25, 2017

Chelsea Clinton claims she’s not running for office, but many of the high-powered strategists, political players and communications professionals who groomed her mother for political stardom are working hard to improve Chelsea’s image on social media.

Monday night, Brian Fallon, the Hillary Clinton campaign’s national press secretary rushed to Chelsea’s defense after social media “blasted” the former First Daughter for retweeting a reporter asking about her plans to move to the suburbs and run for Congress.

Nevermind that the comparison isn’t even remotely accurate (Ivanka isn’t exactly a beloved figure in the Trump White House), but it’s odd that Chelsea, who isn’t really Fallon’s responsibility, requires an experienced press secretary to come to her aid.

Aside from mere cultism—that all blood of a former charge must be protected at all cost—Fallon’s work seems unnecessary. Unless, of course, Chelsea is already amassing an unofficial advisory board of her mother’s former campaign associates.

When the Business Insider‘s Josh Barro wondered aloud on Twitter whether Chelsea may, in fact, be doing just that, he ran afoul of another Clinton strategist, Nick Merrill, who, for a short time, also served as Clinton’s press secretary.

Of course, plenty of people know Chelsea, not all of them defend her. But it seems to be a specific trend among former Clinton communications people.

Merrill, though, gets more leeway than Fallon; he routinely uses social media to rewrite history on the Clinton campaign, and led the charge to help dispel the notion that the Clinton operation was in shambles just weeks before the election by Tweeting random photos of Clinton smiling at campaign rallies.

Neera Tanden does not get the credit of merely being brainwashed by a cult, like a shockingly political adherent of Scientology. Tanden is president of the Center for American Progress, a longtime Clinton ally, and one of several major progressive political players who appeared in John Podesta’s leaked emails, helping to craft and mold Clinton’s nascent campaign.

It seems Tanden, like Fallon and Merrill, was quick to rush to Chelsea’s defense, just a little after her two former unofficial colleagues—and stayed at the task all night.

Tanden refused to give up calling out reporters for their misogyny, Tweeting well into the night.

Tanden, by the way, isn’t opposed to “dragging” the powerful daughters of Presidential candidates. After calling out the blatant sexism of questioning Chelsea about her plans for the future, Neera went after Ivanka Trump for her speech in Germany on women’s issues.

It could, of course, be all coincidence that some of Hillary’s closest friends and allies are just jumping at the chance to come to Chelsea’s defense, all at the same time and all over the same issue, as though they were somehow coordinating behind the scenes to keep an eye on Chelsea’s public image.

But as we know with the Clintons, nothing is every really a coincidence.