ANALYSIS: Hillary Clinton’s Health Problems Could Make Her Vulnerable to Foreign ‘Bio-Hackers’

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By Andrew Stiles | 5:01 pm, October 31, 2016
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Hillary Clinton recently celebrated her 69th birthday. If elected president, she will become one of the oldest individuals in history to seize power in a major country.

In addition to her advanced age, Hillary has also experienced a number of frightening health scares in recent years. The former secretary of state suffered a “cracked head” during a fall in December 2012 that reportedly required an arduous, months-long recovery period.

Last month, she nearly collapsed during a September 11th memorial event in Manhattan — her campaign was forced to admit the candidate was suffering from pneumonia.

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According to an analysis, these factors could make Hillary vulnerable to foreign “bio-hackers” who may be able to exploit her health weaknesses in order to seize control of her biological mainframe, so to speak.

Analysts have determined that advanced teams of technology experts, acting at the behest of foreign adversaries such as Russia, China or Iran, could use futuristic hacking techniques to access Clinton’s biological data and, potentially, to control her brain.

Clinton’s poor health, and her presumably weak immune system, would make it easier for foreign adversaries to access her biological data, according to the latest scientific thinking on bio-hacking.

If Clinton does become our next president, and if America’s enemies were able to successfully “hack” her brain, the consequences could be devastating.  The hackers could simply upload a malware virus that instructed her to deploy nuclear weapons against our own cities, or sell Alaska back to Russia at a below-market rate.

Clinton would be even more vulnerable to foreign intrusion if, as many suspect, she has secretly undergone surgical operations to install elements of cyborg technology into her system. For example, Clinton is rumored to have a device implanted in her brain which allowed her to instantly access talking points during her debates against Donald Trump.

It is also likely, according to scientific analysis, that Clinton benefits from some sort of advanced stability-enhancing exoskeleton technology, given her documented struggled to maintain her balance, which would explain why she is unable to sit on chairs without relying on pillows for assistance.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media has refused to cover these national security concerns, probably because it’s too focused on electing Hillary Clinton.