Imbiber-In-Chief: Hillary Loves Booze, But Won’t Drink Water

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By Andrew Stiles | 4:55 pm, July 5, 2016

UPDATE: Following Hillary Clinton’s fainting episode over the weekend, and the subsequent revelation that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia, Politico reports that Hillary is also suffering from “chronic dehydration” brought on by her “reluctance to drink water,” which has become a source of concern among her campaign staff.

“She won’t drink water, and you try telling Hillary Clinton she has to drink water,” one terrified Clinton associate told Politico.

As Heat Street has previously documented (below), Hillary doesn’t seem to have any issues imbibing liquids on a regular basis, she just happens to prefer alcoholic beverages. Maybe that’s part of the problem, given that beer, wine, and liquor can ultimately exacerbate dehydration.

Or perhaps Hillary, a landowning millionaire, is simply trying to exude the lifestyle of ancient elite societies who exclusively drank wine to show how superior they were to all the disgusting water-gulping commoners.

Original post:

Hillary Clinton would consume a heavy dosage of “adult beverages” in the White House if she is elected president, the New York Times reports:

Hillary apparently thinks her willingness to “schmooze” over booze and “use alcohol as a political lubricant” is one reason why she would be a “better dealmaker” than President Obama. Clinton “loves socializing, loves having people and spouses over, and really loves talking over drinks,” said Neera Tanden, a former Clinton aide who runs the Center for American Progress.

One thing is clear: Hillary Clinton loves to drink. For example, she allegedly took part in a drinking contest with Senator John McCain. (She wouldn’t say who won.) Here are some photos of Hillary Clinton enjoying adult beverages.

Gulping Guinness next to a baby

Hillary Clinton Drinking_10

A toast (to the people who paid $250,000 to hear this speech)

Hillary Clinton Drinking_04

She frats pretty hard

Hillary Clinton Drinking_07

When the Belgian ambassador won’t shut up about some soccer game

Hillary Clinton Drinking_06

She’s been doing this for a while

Hillary Clinton Drinking_01

TFW the FBI says you won’t be indicted for mishandling classified info

Hillary Clinton Drinking_05