Hillary Clinton Donors Who Gave Less Than a Million Booted from Party Invite List

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:26 pm, December 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton campaign donors who gave less than a million were left off the guest list for the Democratic nominee’s glitzy “thank you” party — and they’re not happy.

Clinton will fill the iconic “grand ballroom” at New York’s posh Plaza Hotel — one of the ritziest event spaces in the city — but with just a few hundred of her top bundlers (those donors who maxed out on individual contributions and then began soliciting million dollar checks from their friends and family).

Invitations to the party went out last week, and the “Clinton campaign has been fielding complaints ever since.” Because if you made less than a million for her campaign, or aren’t one of Clinton’s favored few mega-donors, you were bumped from the party.

Clinton claims that it’s because the 4,800-square-foot ballroom can’t hold all of her rich friends. And she may be right. By the last month of the campaign, Clinton had bagged more than $1.4 billion from Democratic mega-donors and friendly billionaires, packing the coffers of both her campaign and her affiliated SuperPACs. She outpaced her opponent, Donald Trump, in fundraising by almost 40%.

More than a fifth of that haul was raised from just 100 individuals and labor unions. Her top donor, S. Donald Sussman, a venture capitalist and hedge fund manager, gave $20 million.

Clinton’s former staffers gave no indication how they chose which donors were allowed into the Plaza party and which will have to settle for a form-letter thank you note shoved into the obligatory campaign Christmas card — or why Clinton didn’t pick a venue that could accommodate all of her top donors. The Plaza Hotel is beautiful — and it does have the advantage of having once been lost by Donald Trump in a 1988 bankruptcy settlement—- but New York City isn’t short on event spaces.