Alex Jones: Hillary Clinton Is a ‘Demon from Hell’ — Lamestream Media Conspires to Suppress Facts!

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By Andrew Stiles | 6:53 pm, October 10, 2016

Alex Jones, a popular independent researcher whose political views don’t usually “vibe” with those of the establishment elite in this country, is claiming to have uncovered evidence proving that Hillary Clinton is a “‘friction’ demon and she stinks.”

Some media outlets are reporting on the researcher’s bombshell claim, but they don’t seem to be taking it seriously.

Celebrity nerd Ezra Klein, for example, described his report on the Hillary Clinton demon allegations as one of the “strangest” things he had ever written.

Klein’s post, as you might expect, contains not one shred of original reporting to show that he attempted to confirm or deny the evidence Alex Jones has put forward, apart from a casual (not very convincing) anecdote about how he didn’t notice any “unusual smells” when he was interviewing Hillary.

It’s worth noting that in June 2015 Hillary Clinton attended fundraiser with Chris Hughes, a self-described “Antichrist” and accidental Facebook billionaire.

Further evidence suggesting Hillary Clinton is, in fact, a “demon from Hell” emerged when a (probably Satanist) rock band called “Death Cab for Cutie” — probably in reference to some disgusting cult ritual — announced they released an anti-Trump song in an effort to help elect a (potentially) fellow demon to the White House.

Meanwhile, the lamestream media is OBSESSED with Donald Trump’s alleged scandals, and refuses to investigate President Obama for his role in creating hurricanes.

It comes at no surprise that an independent research like Alex Jones can’t get a fair hearing even when offering up evidence to a bombshell claim that could change the course of the election. The media is actively suppressing the truth, and the American public should be outraged.