Hillary Clinton Bought a Lot of Weird Stuff While at the State Department (Like a $9,000 DJ Booth)

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By Emily Zanotti | 5:44 pm, October 28, 2016

The Republicans released a memo this morning detailing some of the most egregious expenditures Hillary Clinton made during her tenure at the head of the State Department.

While there’s no indication she signed checks for security, she definitely liked to fund art in her far-flung embassies, shelling out more than a million to deck out posts in Dakar, China, Morocco and even Tijuana, presumably so that drunk Americans have something to look at while the American embassy frantically tries to replace their lost passports.

But that’s far from the weirdest thing Clinton’s managed to buy.

1. $5.4 million in no-bid contracts for crystal stemware. Those fancy State Department cocktail parties got a whole lot fancier under Hillary Clinton—and they didn’t even shop around.

2. $88,000 to sent comedians to India for a show called ‘Make Chai Not War.’ Having been to India, I can confidently tell you they will make chai regardless of war.

3. $9,000 for a DJ booth at the Baghdad embassy. Nothing says “successful nation building” like “live mixing on Friday nights.”

4. $160,000 for “fireworks.” The State Department doesn’t list anything specific that they did with the fireworks, just that they needed them desperately.

5. $70,000 for Barack Obama’s memoirs. Now, of course, individual politicians are always buying back their own books to pad sales numbers. But this was actually part of an official State Department program to improve Barack Obama’s image across the world by plying random dignitaries with Dreams from My Father.

The memo is timed to coordinate with Donald Trump’s “Drain the Swamp” campaign, which seeks to reassure American voters that Trump will be anything but a “traditional politician,” like frivolous-spender, Secretary of State Clinton.