Internet Sleuths Investigate Hillary Clinton’s ‘Body Double’

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By Andrew Stiles | 3:52 pm, September 13, 2016

Hours after Hillary Clinton nearly collapsed at a 9/11 anniversary event on Sunday, an elderly woman claiming to be the Democratic candidate appeared outside of Chelsea Clinton’s $10 million luxury condo in Manhattan.

Internet sleuths had some doubts about the woman’s claims and began to investigate whether Hillary, like other ruthlessly ambitious world leader throughout history, might employ a body double in an effort to conceal her movements through misdirection. Within hours, the hashtag #HillarysBodyDouble was trending on Twitter.

Some people thought there was something fishy about the “healthy” Hillary that emerged over the weekend, and immediately conducted some photographic analysis.

Some sleuths thought they noticed some subtle differences in bodily features.

Others hypothesized that there were no secret service agents protecting “healthy” Hillary because they are only authorized to protect actual candidates.

Some even claimed to have tracked down the actual “body double.”

Is this yet another Hillary Clinton conspiracy theory? Internet sleuths are usually right about these things, aren’t they?