Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Blames FBI Director, Media for Humiliating Loss

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By Andrew Stiles | 5:53 pm, November 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton suffered a humiliating loss to Donald Trump on Election Day, bringing her record in presidential campaigns to 0-2. Few pundits saw this coming. It’s unlikely the Clinton campaign saw this coming either, and now her top staffers are struggling to explain what happened.

The most obvious answer — that Hillary Clinton was an atrociously flawed candidate and ill-suited to appeal to an electorate desperate for change in Washington — is not one that her top advisers are prepared to accept right now.

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta blamed his candidate’s defeat on others, specifically FBI Director James Comey, as well as the media. In what must have been an awkward conference call with pissed off donors, Podesta described Comey as someone “who we think may have cost us the election.”

Many Democrats lashed out at Comey after the FBI director announced days before the election that new evidence had been uncovered in the bureau’s investigation into the private email server Hillary used to conduct government business as secretary of state. Some accused him of trying to “rig” the election in Trump’s favor.

“That last week, it was just one too many things,” Clinton communications aide Jennifer Palmieri reportedly said on the call, according to the Hill.

Comey publicly announced on November 6 that the new evidence did not change the bureau’s initial decision not to pursue charges against Clinton.

Some have suggested that one way Democrats could have avoided potentially damaging revelations from the FBI director is by not nominating a candidate under FBI investigation for subverting public records laws.

Podesta also faulted the media for being unfair to Hillary. “The media always covered her as the person who would be president and therefore tried to eviscerate her before the election, but covered Trump who was someone who was entertaining and sort of gave him a pass,” he said. “We need to reflect and analyze that and put our voices forward.”

Sure, whatever you say. This blame-shifting is unlikely to fly with Democratic loyalists such as “Zach”, aDemocratic National Committee staffer who lashed out at the party, during a post-election DNC meeting, for backing a “flawed candidate.”