Science Expert: Hillary Clinton Is Wrong About Aliens

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By Andrew Stiles | 3:03 pm, May 13, 2016
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Hillary Clinton’s weird obsession with UFOs is deeply “misguided” and “irresponsible,” a science expert has argued.

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Science journalist (and former UFO hoaxer) Nadia Drake writes in National Geographic that Clinton’s repeated public comments about the likelihood of extraterrestrial activity on Earth, many of which have been egged on by her alien-obsessed campaign manager John Podesta, are damaging to the public discourse.

“I want to open the files as much as we can,” Clinton said in a radio interview last month. “There’s enough stories out there that I don’t think everybody is just sitting in their kitchen making them up.”

It’s troubling that a prominent politician like Clinton would make such comments, which are like cat nip to the tin-foil hat demographic, Drake argues:

It’s disappointing that influential people are helping fan the flames of conspiracy theories that refuse to wilt beneath the weight of truth. One hopes it’s just a campaign stunt, meant to increase Clinton’s popularity among a group of people who might be inclined to vote somewhat more conservatively. Yet given Podesta’s and Clinton’s track records on the topic, it seems more likely the pair really believes there might be something to expose.

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