Harvard Students Demand Police Investigation of Pro-Trump Email Decrying ‘White Genocide’

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By Andrew Stiles | 1:27 pm, October 4, 2016

Harvard University students are demanding a police investigation into an email circulated among undergraduates urging them prevent “white genocide” by voting for Donald Trump in November.

Some students, including a number of students in leadership positions on campus, received an email on Sunday with the subject line “Fight White Genocide – Vote Trump!”

The email warns that the United States is being overrun by “third-world non-Whites,” and argues that white people should stick together by advocating against diversity and voting for Trump, who is the only candidate who sympathizes with the white struggle.

The email appears to have been sent by a group called “Educators and Students Against White Genocide,” an online activist group that wants to organize American campus against diversity and white genocide, or something.

The group recently published a post on its website seeking access to Ivy League email accounts, which included a template for a generic email similar to the one circulated among Harvard students.

College Dean Rakesh Khurana called on the Harvard University Police Department to conduct an official investigation into the email. The university does not appear to have received any reports of bias through its new “bias reporting system” as a result of the email.

Susan Wang, president of the Harvard Democrats, received the email but told the Harvard Crimson she was not personally offended and simply “brushed it under the rug.”

The pro-Trump, anti-white genocide message is unlikely to find many takers at Harvard, a liberal campus where even the Republican club has refused to endorse Trump and denounced his “vitriolic rhetoric.”