‘Hope He Sings!’ Clueless One Direction Fans Are Super Excited to See Harry Styles in ‘Dunkirk’

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By Heat Street Staff | 2:58 pm, December 15, 2016

Fan of One Direction, the massively successful British boy band, are super excited about Christopher Nolan’s upcoming World War Two film, “Dunkirk,” because it features one of the band’s members in a supporting war.

That band member is Harry Styles, who used to date Taylor Swift, and there’s a decent chance that his role in Nolan’s dark drama about the 1940 maritime evacuation of British forces fleeing the Nazi blitzkrieg into France will involve a gruesome death.

Harry Styles fans, presumably a bunch of tween girls, are totes pumped about seeing “Dunkirk,” which is rated R. It’s unclear, judging by their social media activity, if they even know what the movie is about. Some have even suggested that Styles might “sing” in the film, or on the soundtrack. Their excitement ahead of the film’s release next summer could very well end in tears.

You can watch the trailer below. Harry Styles is in it.