‘Grab Her by the Brain’ Is a Stupid Fauxmenist Ploy

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By Jillian Kay Melchior | 1:16 pm, October 20, 2016
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In an apparent warning that things can always get worse, we have this: “Grab Her By the Brain,” a supposedly female-friendly initiative launched in response to the infamous Donald Trump/Billy Bush tape.

What is this monstrously named effort?

“Grab Her By the Brain is a force established by like-minded individuals.” (A force.) It’s “dedicated to empowering females of all ages,” apparently by emblazoning its idiotic logo on hats that sell for a shameful $21.

For each mortifyingly stupid hat sold, Grab Her by the Brain will give $2.10 to an entity that is an actual legally registered nonprofit, called Boo2Bullying.

Boo2Bullying has a flashy website and an operating budget of $4,772, according to its latest tax filings. Which is actually quite an accomplishment if they raised the whole thing in $2.10 increments. The nonprofit’s last listed address is this strip mall.

Boo2Bullying also has two board members who are seven-year-old twins with a smattering of TV credits and—you guessed it—a t-shirt line that also sends a fraction of its proceeds to another nonprofit. Other “board members” are, notably, also “ambassadors” with Grab Her by the Brain.

But that’s another rabbit hole, and there are far bigger questions looming about this ominous force, Grab Her by the Brain.

Men’s Journal writer Mike Conklin brings up one of the most important points. “I spent precious moments of my morning commute trying to figure out what this might look like,” he writes. “I pictured men going around grabbing women by the head and, like, I don’t even know. Shaking it? Looking them intently in the eyes? Digging their fingers directly into said eyes so as to gain easier access to the brain itself? I don’t know!”

Personally, I’m not convinced that brain-grabbing is superior to any other kind of body-part-grabbing.

I am convinced I don’t want a Grab Her by the Brain Hat, or any other too-clever-by-half campaign-themed merch.