Google Tried to Elect Hillary Clinton, Now They Want a ‘Conservative Outreach Manager’

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By Andrew Stiles | 11:35 am, December 7, 2016

Tech giant Google really wanted Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election.  Eric Schmidt, the company’s executive chairman, worked directly with the Clinton campaign as a digital consultant for more than a year, according to a memo uncovered by WikiLeaks. He was spotted wearing a “staff” badge at Clinton’s ill-fated “victory” party in Manhattan on Election Night.

Google employees donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hillary’s campaign, and gave just several thousand dollars to Trump. The company maintained an extremely close relationship with the Obama White House, a relationship it presumably expected to continue under a Clinton administration. In 2015, Schmidt offered to fly the Clintons on his private plane to a Clinton Foundation conference in Morocco.

But the election results did not turn out as planned. In the wake of Donald Trump’s surprising upset victory, Google is scrambling to maintain its influence in Washington. The company is looking to hire a manager of “conservative outreach and public policy partnerships” in an effort to push the firm’s agenda “with policy makers inside and outside government.”

According to the Google job posting, the company is looking for an individual who will act as a “liaison to conservative, libertarian, and free market groups,” a person who is “part organizer, part advocate and part policy wonk as you understand the world of third-party non-governmental advocacy organizations.”

Prospective candidates must have at least 8 years of “direct experience in or around national politics, either in government or in advocacy roles.” Essentially, Google is looking for an experienced lobbyist who can help them maintain their industry dominance in the age of Trump, who as a candidate called the company a “disgrace,” and suggested Google was out to get him, as conspiracies swirled that the search engine giant was manipulating results to benefit Hillary.