Google Frenzy Over Julian Assange’s Wikileaks October Surprise

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By Emily Zanotti | 12:56 pm, October 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton may have escaped a Wikileaks “October Surprise,” when Julian Assange failed to deliver on the much-hyped promise of an election-altering secret document, but the Internet is still hellbent on uncovering her deepest secrets, according to Google trends.

Thursday morning, as Donald Trump and even Jill Stein enjoyed Google searches about their policies and and education, respectively, the Internet was digging through Hillary Clinton’s skeletons.

Overall, Clinton’s potential Wikileaks drama completely overshadowed her campaign over the past twenty four hours, in terms of Internet queries.


Searches involving Wikileaks in some aspect account for 10 of the top 12 searches involving Hillary Clinton (the Trump Foundation, and a story about a possible Bill Clinton love child round out the list). The story, about Clinton and Wikileaks, is in the top 20 of Google’s Trending Topics, and is the highest ranking political topic for Tuesday morning.


It’s pretty clear that Americans think Hillary Clinton is hiding something, and they want to know what it is.

Unfortunately for the Internet, Julian Assange appeared to troll American politicos looking for dirt on the Democratic candidate, appearing only briefly, an hour after anticipated, announcing that he would trade his freedom for Chelsea Manning’s, and asking for donations to keep Wikileaks alive.

Assange told reporters that he never intended to use his early Tuesday morning press conference to reveal shocking information about Hillary Clinton, though Assange has routinely claimed that he has damning documents that would lead to an inevitable Clinton indictment. He now says that Wikileaks will, instead, publish several documents a week on the “US Presidential election” as a whole, until November 8th.

Heat Street sources close to Wikileaks say that a large leak on Clinton is still yet to come, perhaps in the last week of October.