Georgetown Professor Unloads On Trump-Supporting Colleague

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By Emily Zanotti | 4:23 pm, December 28, 2016

A professor at Georgetown University went on a month-long tirade against a colleague after finding out her fellow professor, a Muslim immigrant woman of color, was a vocal Donald Trump supporter.

Professor C. Christine Fair appears to have routinely abused Asra Nomani, a former Georgetown journalism professor—now a writer for Heat Street, among other publications—after reading Nomani’s pro-Trump op-ed in the Washington Post. The piece detailed Nomani’s decision to support Trump, and detailed Nomani’s rationale in preferring Trump’s domestic and foreign policy positions over Hillary Clinton’s.

No matter Nomani’s arguments, the fact that she voted for Trump apparently triggered Fair, who launched a public campaign against Nomani that lasted 31 days.

According to Nomani’s complaint, Fair,  a Security Studies teacher, called Nomani a “fraud,” and a “fear-mongering clown,” accused Nomani of “pimping” herself out, and, on several occasions, directed obscenities to Nomani on social media and in public forums, in at least two languages.

She also compared Nomani to Adolf Hitler and, apparently, blamed her for a rise in white supremacist activity as well as Donald Trump’s election, which in turn will lead to Nazi occupation of our nation’s capitol. Or something.

Nomani was forced to file two formal complaints with Georgetown administration—an initial complaint and a follow-up to incorporate further harassment—after informal complaints to Fair’s bosses failed to halt her tirade.

The formal complaint seemed to give Fair no pause; the day after Nomani filed her grievance, Fair took to Facebook calling Nomani a “slut,” threatened her with  “legal action,” and accusing Georgetown of snooping in her private business.

She went on to claim Nomani was a hypocrite for reporting Fine’s obscene language but being “fine” with Donald Trump offering to grab womens’ ladyparts in a 2005 Access Hollywood tape.

Fair closed her social media temper tantrum by accusing Nomani of being an apostate Muslim, claiming that Nomani had told Fair that she was an atheist during a private meeting at Fair’s home.

Heat Street reached out to Georgetown for comment but has not received a response. For now, Professor Fair’s employment remains intact, which means she’s still free to create such intellectually enriching content as “Introducting the Pussy Avenger“—a video depicting a green-eyed stuffed cat with an anti-Trump sticker plastered on its chest.