George Osborne Has Now Made More Than £500,000 Making 9 Speeches

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By Miles Goslett | 5:24 am, December 8, 2016

The money keeps rolling in for George Osborne.

The new register of MPs’ financial interests, published this morning, shows the former chancellor and now humble backbencher gave four speeches in November for which he was paid a total of £187,630.

He delivered two of these speeches in London (on the same day to the same firm, Citi) and two in New York.

The new entries are highlighted below:


This means that in the two months between September and November 2016 Osborne clocked up earnings of £508,068 by giving 9 speeches.

That’s an average of £56,452 per speech.

The Tatton MP is on course to collect a million quid in total through speechmaking before Easter.

Brexit does have its benefits after all, as pro-EU Osborne is finding out.

Not bad for a politician whose career took a nosedive on June 23.