Gene Simmons Tells Celebrity Trump Critics to ‘Shut Their Pie Holes’

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:15 pm, December 6, 2016

Following in the footsteps of fellow music legend Mark Wahlberg, KISS front man Gene Simmons is ripping into celebrities for offering up post-election commentary that is completely detached from real America.

Appearing on Fox Business, Simmons had blunt, harsh words for actors, artists, musicians and, even, soft-shoeing Vaudevillians who think they know what’s best for middle-class Americans.

“I think celebrities should basically shut their pie holes and do what they do best—act, sing, tap dance… all that kind of stuff,” Simmons told host Charles Payne. “President-elect Trump is the president. You can like it, you cannot like it. He’s the new president, that’s the end of the story.”

Simmons also defended the Electoral College, saying that the Founders intended the system to give smaller, less populous states in the South (and eventually the West), a say in presidential elections. He dismissed the idea that Donald Trump’s election would spell a major change in that system.

Simmons was familiar with Trump before Trump became the President-elect, having appeared on Donald Trump’s NBC reality show, Celebrity Apprentice.

Unlike Wahlberg, though, Simmons has been vocal about Presidential politics since early this year, commenting in March that then-potential Republican nominee Trump was “good for the political system” and that Trump had a unique way of connecting with the common man.

“Trump is not a politician. He does not need your money, and he will speak his mind, God damn it, whether you like it or not. And he has no problem saying, ‘Fuck off. I like that,” Simmons told Rolling Stone in an interview. “Even if I disagree.”

Simmons also isn’t the first member of KISS to speak out against celebrities voicing their political opinions. Rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley told Noisecreep that he found A-lister politics – including Simmons’s Trump-related observational comments – “absurd.”