Gary Johnson Says Only He Can Reverse ‘Epic Dysfunctionality’ of US Politics

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By Tom Teodorczuk | 11:35 am, October 16, 2016

Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson has called out the “epic dysfunctionality” in American politics and insisted that only he, and not Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump,  can deliver the “radical change” America needs.

Writing in his new e-book Common Sense for the Common Good: Libertarianism as the End of Two-Party Tyranny, Johnson observes: “If the American people had their way, the theme song playing in the background of their rally for a reimagining of the electoral process would be the Rolling Stones’ (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

“Regardless of the two major party candidates’ taste in music, few Americans would be singing Clinton or Trump’s praises anyway. They’d be trying to shout them down, stifling them like an unwanted child at a rally.”

Johnson insists in the book, which has just been published as an e-book and will be published in hardcover format in January, that neither Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are actually radical politicians. He writes: “I’m here to tell you that Trump and Sanders don’t display the kind of radical thinking that the majority of Americans find palatable.

“In Sanders’s case that doesn’t really matter anymore; he is no longer a candidate. Trump’s volatility has him and his people now actively engaged in walking back his talking back. In the meantime, Mrs. Clinton has to fend off name-calling from her Republican costar: she’s a liar, she’s the devil, she’s a cofounder of ISIS.

“In my mind I can hear someone putting those lyrics to a catchy tune. I have some sympathy for her, even though she didn’t take the high road and called out (deservedly so) Trump as a racist. I guess that when you’ve been in the political game as long as she has, patience can be in short supply.”

Johnson added in the book: “That call for radical change is something that I’d like to see brought about. And not just at some point in my lifetime, but now. If it hasn’t been made clear to all of us before, it has become apparent today. The two-party system is broken.

“Many, including me, are sounding the death knell of the Republican Party. Our representative democracy appears to be in shambles. If a supporter of one party is putting a best foot forward, it’s only to trip up a member of the opposition. I apologize. The epic dysfunctionality we’re witnessing isn’t really funny; it’s sad.”

He added: “I’ve sometimes heard people say that when things fall to pieces, it is because the center cannot hold. We have a broken system. There are those who, rather than stand back and watch its continued slow demise, would like to shatter it. That sounds frightening to many. But I believe that a new center will hold.

“The Democrats and Republicans, particularly as represented by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have ceded their claim on the political center in this country. They’ve each taken an authoritarian stance, one on the left, one on the right. In both cases, they are deniers of freedom.”

The quotes are taken from COMMON SENSE FOR THE COMMON GOOD EPB by Gary E. Johnson Copyright © 2016 by Gary E. Johnson. Reprinted courtesy of Broadside e-books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

COMMON SENSE FOR THE COMMON GOOD is available as an e-book original on Amazon and will be published in an expanded, hardcover edition in the spring of 2017. The audiobook will also be available.

This is a video of Heat Street behind the scenes with Gary Johnson: