Frustrated With Trump’s Silence, Liberal Protesters Turn to Ivanka In Desperate Plea

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By Charlotte Willis | 9:11 am, November 30, 2016

Protesters assembled outside Ivanka Trump’s Manhattan residence on Monday night, holding a candlelight vigil below the penthouse apartment she shares with husband Jared Kushner and their three children.

More than 150 artists, curators and gallery workers gathered after dark at the foot of the historic Puck Building in downtown Manhattan to voice opposition to President-elect Donald Trump, but also his eldest daughter’s involvement in the campaign.

Mr Kushner’s family owns the building and Ivanka, 35, is believed to keep a number of pieces of a notable contemporary art collection in the apartment, the New York Times reports.

Many were armed with signs taking aim at Mr Trump and his cabinet, some bearing “Dear Ivanka” along with a personalized message.

The vigil and demonstration was organized by Halt Action Group, the band of artists behind the Instagram account Dear Ivanka that cropped up last week.

The group accuses Ivanka of profiting from her father’s “racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic campaign.”

Those behind the Instagram account have been posting glamorous social media or publicity photos of the President-elect’s daughter alongside first-person captions that highlight fears associated with a Trump presidency.

“Dear Ivanka, I’ve been raped and I need to have an abortion,” reads one caption, posted along with a bathroom selfie of the mother-of-three revealing her baby bump.

“Dear Ivanka, I’m an American Muslim and I was attacked on the subway,” another post reads.

Another comments: “As a good Jewish mother, what will you tell your kids @dear_ivanka when Steve Bannon infects the White House with his anti-Semitic ideologies?”

Dear Ivanka, I've been raped and I need to have an abortion

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