First Faithless Elector Is a Hillary Clinton Voter Who Will Cast a Ballot for Bernie Sanders

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By Emily Zanotti | 12:02 pm, December 19, 2016

The Electoral College delegation from Maine won’t vote until 2pm EST on Monday, but it’s likely that they will cast their ballots alongside the first “faithless elector.” Only it won’t be a Trump voter switching to Clinton; it’s a Hillary Clinton voter switching to Bernie Sanders.

Democratic elector David Bright, who is committed to vote for Hillary Clinton, told theĀ Boston Globe that he would switch to Bernie Sanders if Donald Trump failed to get the 270 votes needed to secure the Electoral College back in November.

But he now says that in order to honor Sanders’s young supporters, who handed Maine’s Democratic caucus to the Vermont Senator, he’ll cast his ballot for Bernie. He even released a statement on Twitter explaining his unconventional choice.

Maine is one of 29 states that binds its Electoral College delegates to cast their ballot for the winner of the popular vote in their state. Bright is taking a risk by defecting from the Clinton collective and casting his ballot for an opponent under the auspices of maintaining party loyalty.

Lucky for him, even if Maine does decide to punish him, he’d likely only face a small fine ($1,000 or less).

Democrats and progressive activists have been working night and day for the past several weeks to encourage “faithless electors” among the Republican coalitions. Filmmaker Michael Moore even made a last, desperate attempt to seduce GOP Electors by offering to pay any fine they incurred breaking a state law that binds them to the election results.

So far, the Democrats have managed to secure only a single faithless elector for certain, a Texas Republican who will not vote until later Monday afternoon.