Feminists Slam Ivanka Trump for Saying Motherhood Drives Gender Pay Gap

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By Emily Zanotti | 12:56 pm, May 15, 2017

Ivanka Trump is finding out the hard way that when you challenge progressive orthodoxy—even in a productive way—the left can’t help but turn on you.

Over the weekend, Trump, who is an advocate for workplace policies that more adequately serve mothers, and has helped make working women a core focus of the Trump administration’s domestic policies, made the mistake of citing a New York Times article noting that perhaps motherhood —and not simply being a woman—could explain the gender wage gap.

Many economists would agree with Ivanka: women make choices in their careers with their families in mind, and that often means they work fewer hours, chase fewer promotions, and take time out mid-stream to raise young kids. All of those decisions ultimately impact their lifetime earnings, and give way to a gender-based pay gap.

Ivanka has championed largely liberal-authored policies within her dad’s administration, hoping to expand financial support for women who take maternity leave, greatly expanding the social safety net for new parents and especially new mothers. Hillary Clinton had a nearly identical policy in her Democratic Presidential platform.

But unfortunately for Ivanka, most feminists don’t agree that women make choices in their lives that have financial consequences, preferring to claim that the reason women make less than men over a lifetime is because they possess a certain set of genitalia, not a certain commitment to their progeny.

And they were quick to point out her transgression.

Even vocal B-list celebrity and Internet feminist Alyssa Milano tried her hand at scorching the First Daughter for daring to express an opinion at odds with dogma, chastising her for a Trump administration policy she had nothing to do with.

The notion that motherhood is a “pre-existing condition” of course, dates back to pre-Obamacare days, when gender-denying progressives had a difficult time understanding why women who are capable of birthing children cost more to insure than men, clearly not considering that men do not birth children.

Consequently, Obamacare offers mandatory coverage for male pregnancy.

Ivanka, at least, didn’t seem bothered by the rising chorus of harpies and hasn’t responded. Her child care and working mother support programs are currently being considered in Congress as part of a number of tax reforms proposed by Republicans.