Feminists Outraged That Republican Woman Wins Congressional Election in Georgia

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By Emily Zanotti | 3:56 pm, June 21, 2017
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Tuesday night, Karen Handel became the first woman elected to Congressional office in Georgia’s history.

It was an achievement not just for the Republican Party, which faced off against a $28 million Democratic war chest and oodles of progressive out-of-state interference, but for women: a sign that the “deep South’s” legendary sexism is a crumbling vestige of the past.

She literally shattered a glass ceiling.

But you’d never know a blow had been struck against the Patriarchy by what appeared last night on feminist social media accounts. According to women’s rights keyboard warriors, Handel was about to set back the cause of liberation by decades, if not centuries.

High-profile progressive editor Karoli Kuns quoted Mitch McConnell as a battle cry for the women of the left.

Clinton ally Neera Tanden appeared to be encouraging violence.

Liberal commentator Joy Ann Reid was more direct.

More random, so-called progressives just went for the jugular.

Hollywood feminists were quieter after Handel’s win, but were setting the stage ahead of the election results.

Interestingly enough, at least a few feminists had a somewhat bizarre piece of advice for Democrats—who raised and spent nearly $30 million dollars to lose a seat they haven’t held since the early 1970s—looking to do better next time: appeal to women.

Regardless of how they feel about Handel personally, it may not be the best idea to openly attack women who run for office, even—gah—Republican women, if they plan on embracing the female cause. These attacks make it less likely any woman, Republican or Democrat, will enter the ring and endure the abuse.

Of course, feminists don’t consider women like Handel actual women. They’re viewed more like traitors to their genitalia who embolden GOP “misogynists.”

Handel is particularly distasteful to this crowd because, while working for the Susan G. Komen foundation, Handel briefly ended the organization’s grant to Planned Parenthood, after it was revealed that the women’s health non-profit did not do mammograms, as they claimed.

Handel eventually resigned, after a nationwide feminist outcry and the grant was restored. Planned Parenthood donated more than a half a million dollars to her opponent, Jon Ossoff’s, campaign.