Facebook’s Algorithm Is Still Surfacing Anguished Hillary Voters’ Cries from Election Night

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By Emily Zanotti | 2:59 pm, November 10, 2016

Social media seems to be filled to the brim with whining Democrats, using Facebook and Twitter to work out their complicated emotions in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s devastating, Tuesday night loss.

According to experts, however, that’s by design: Facebook’s system prioritizes posts with more interactions — a system which generally favored Hillary Clinton. It hasn’t changed the algorithm since, meaning that the algorithm is still operating as though Hillary Clinton posts are more important.

Thus, the whining.

According to NextGov, the changes were in effect long before the votes were counted, and don’t necessarily have to do with an institutional preference for Clinton over Trump.

“Facebook doesn’t rely on chronology or newsworthiness to determine what tops your feed. This is because Facebook doesn’t rely on chronology or newsworthiness to determine what tops your feed. Any given Facebook post is prominent in large part because of how much engagement it has already gotten.”

Because Clinton supporters, theoretically, had greater engagement on their posts, their posts appeared more in people’s feeds. But before the election, those were promotional materials and positive posts.

After the election? Those are the whiny, regretful posts everyone is complaining about. And unfortunately for Americans, Facebook has failed to make any changes to correct the problem, leaving Hillary Clinton at the top of your news feed.

Of course, while the “trending topics” algorithm has, at least reportedly, changed over the last few months to be more politically neutral. But we now know that Facebook continued to struggle with exactly how to do that, considering partnerships with left-leaning news organizations to help “redefine” how users get their news, and testing a weighted system that changes what pops up in users news feeds.

According to Wikileaks, Sheryl Sandberg, who is a major Democratic donor as well as Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, offered to help the Hillary Clinton campaign maximize their results from Facebook ad buys, and manipulate the algorithm to get better results from their social media posts.