EXPOSED: Marty Baron, Dean Baquet and Bill Kristol All Gave Money to Hillary Clinton

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 11:39 am, November 8, 2016
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Have you ever wondered whether the pundits are in the tank for Hillary? Following a vigorous Heat Street investigation, we can confidently concur: the establishment experts have secretly given her their money.

The list of people who gave money to Clinton varies from the neoconservative Weekly Standard editor and leading figure of #NeverTrump movement Bill Kristol, to the Washington Post’s Marty Baron and New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet.

People who donated to Hillary also include the usual suspects such as ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, Yahoo!’s Katie Couric, the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward, and basically everyone else in the media.

So how did they escape public scrutiny and donate money to Hillary’s campaign without being called out? Easily — by paying their federal taxes.

It’s no secret that public trade unions have donated millions to Clinton’s campaign. For example, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the largest trade union of public employees, has donated more than $23 million to Clinton’s campaign. The National Education Association has reportedly donated almost $20 million to the campaign.

Assuming every mentioned individual has paid federal taxes that indirectly fund public trade unions, which then give out money to candidates they support — most of them Democrats — just by paying federal taxes, they have contributed to Clinton’s campaign!

So there you have it: by paying federal taxes, top media pundits have syphoned some of their money to Hillary’s campaign. Is the system indeed rigged?