EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump Favorites Tweet About His Tiny Penis

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By Louise Mensch | 12:53 pm, August 1, 2016

Sometimes you can tell a lot about looking at a twitter account’s favorited tweets. The Republican nominee has tweeted thirty thousand times and has ten and a half million followers, but he’s a lot more selective on the tweeters he follows and favorites.

In the fact, the Donald has only ever favorited 91 tweets – and they are quite revealing.

These include a tweet in response to an accusation he has a ‘tiny penis’ [sic]; a tweet from Piers Morgan in favor of gun control; a tweet, from March of 2013, where he’s accused of ‘hurting the GOP as much as anybody’; a tweet including a ‘statement from Donald Trump on Ted Cruz’s birth certificate’, with the link now removed; and a tweet praising Vladimir Putin.

Trump has favorited tweets from Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump Jr., but no tweets from his other daughter Tiffany Trump, whom he forgot to thank by name in his convention speech. Here’s a list of Donald’s Top Trumps on Twitter:

1. ‘Tiny penis’

Mr. Trump has favorited this tweet:

As you can see, “Like you would know”, Mr. Trump’s starred tweet, is in response to this tweet, after Trump posted a defense of Trump U, that simply said “Tiny penis”.

It may be a remarkable thing for a grown man and Presidential nominee to do, but one of Mr. Trump’s stumpy fingers has indeed reached out and favorited the tweet defending him against the charge of having a ‘tiny penis’.

2. Pro Gun Control

The Republican nominee follows the ardently anti-gun Piers Morgan, and has ‘favorited’ this tweet by Morgan, in December of last year:



It is doubtful the NRA will be impressed by this pro-gun sentiment. Donald Trump follows Piers Morgan but not the NRA.

3.  ‘You have hurt the GOP more than anyone’

In March 2013, Donald Trump decided to favorite a tweet saying that Trump had hurt the GOP more than any other person. The tweeter had sent a series of tweets to himself, tagging in Mr. Trump, and the sentiment was addressed to Trump:

Of course, back in 2013 Trump was for the free market and global trade, before Putin told him not to be. Trump liked this idea enough to favorite it.

4. Ted Cruz’s birth certificate:

In 2013 Trump issued a statement about Sen. Cruz’s birth certificate and favorited this tweet about it. We don’t know what that statement was, as the link to it has been deleted.

5. ‘Putin looks like the genius of all geniuses’

The bromance is real, people, and it goes back a long way:

6. ‘Minority babies now a majority in the United States’

Despite favoriting this tweet by Bill O’Reilly, the presence of many future voters of color does not seem to have had a discernible influence on the Trump campaign thus far:


Plenty of Tweets From His Kids – Except Tiffany Trump

Poor Tiffany gets no love in Donald’s favorites list at all, despite such heart rending tweets as ‘hello daddy – I love you!’

She also appears first in his followed list, indicating that she is the account he most recently followed. Even though Tiffany has been on Twitter since 2011, accounts he followed before he followed his own daughter include Corey Lewandowski, the allegedly “fired” campaign manager, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, pro-gun Piers Morgan, Geraldo Rivera and WWE boss Vince MacMahon – as well as both his daughters-in-law.

To add insult to injury, the very first account that Trump has followed appears to be that of his other, often-invoked elder daughter, Ivanka Trump. That’s right – if the reverse chron order holds, – Ivanka was the first account Trump followed, and Tiffany was dead last.

Poor Tiffany. Make Tiffany Trump Great Again, Donald – perhaps favorite one of her tweets instead of ones that favor gun control or defend you against charges of having a ‘tiny penis’?