Ex-Trump Aide Roger Stone Says He Is Target of ‘Deep State’ Assassination Plot

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By Marnie O'Neil | 7:31 am, March 16, 2017

Longtime Donald Trump confidante, Republican operative and serial hat-wearer Roger Stone claims he is the target of a sinister plot to silence him ahead of next week’s Congressional investigations into the Russian hacking scandal.

Mr Stone made a series of sensational claims overnight after allegedly being involved in a hit-and-run on his way to Orlando to promote his latest book on the US President.

The controversial former Trump adviser told popular conspiracy theorist and Infowars host Alex Jones that his car was “T-boned” by “deep state” actors on Wednesday morning in an attempt to assassinate him before he could testify at the hearings, which start on Monday.

“They have poisoned me, they have smeared me, and someone in a car tried to kill me,” Mr Stone told Jones via satellite during an appearance on the show shortly after the incident.

“I am a consistent critic of the ‘deep state’— that’s why I think I’m targeted.”

The term “deep state” derives from the Turkish derin devlet which refers to a secret network of intelligence and military officers who worked with civilian allies to preserve the secular order established in 1923 by post-Ottoman Turkey.

In the US, “deep state” is viewed by many as a conspiracy theory alluding to a clandestine coalition of security forces (CIA, FBI), influential financial institutions and identities (like George Soros) and more recently, Obama administration figures, working together to undermine President Trump.

The Trump administration often blames the “deep state” for security breaches and media leaks that have plagued the White House since the former TV reality star took office.

The alleged hit-and-run is not the first time Mr Stone has claimed somebody was trying to kill him. In the past, he has claimed he was poisoned by radioactive polonium.

During the Infowars broadcast, which Mr Stone reportedly recorded on his way to hospital to seek treatment for injuries sustained in the accident, Jones suggested Mr Stone hire an armored car for protection.

“We need to get you in front of Congress right now,” he said.

In a later interview with CBS4 News Miami, Mr Stone said he was on his way to Orlando to promote his latest Trump book when the car he was traveling was struck by a grey, four-door sedan with tinted windows. He said the airbags deployed on his side and prevented him from being more seriously injured

“They just came at us full force,” he said. “The driver then threw it in reverse and took off. I’m bruised but I’m OK.”

The Broward Sheriff’s Office confirmed there was a hit-and-run accident at the time and location described by Mr Stone.

The accident occurred at 10:45am in Pompano Beach at NW 7th Avenue and 1st Street, according to the incident report obtained by CBS4 News.

The report states that a deputy was not dispatched to the accident until 11:56am — more than 70 minutes after the crash.

The report makes no mention of Mr Stone being a passenger in the vehicle, leading some news outlets to allege the accident never occurred.

Mr Stone says the reason he was not listed as a passenger was because he left the scene when it became clear that a deputy was not being dispatched right away. He said he waited at the scene for half an hour before calling an Uber to take him home while the driver of the car stayed behind.

Earlier this week, Mr Stone admitted to having exchanged private Twitter messages with Guccifer 2.0, who has claimed credit for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) hacks.

He claimed he was unaware at the time that US officials believed the account holder had ties to Russia.

Guccifer 2.0 appears online in the persona of a solo Romanian hacktivist who claims to be fighting the good fight, exposing politicians and globalists and waging war on the elusive (or imaginary, as some might argue) “Illuminati”.

However, US spy chiefs reportedly believe with “high confidence” that Guccifer 2.0 is a persona created by Russian intelligence services to cover for their “interference” in the 2016 US presidential election.

The hacker has admitted to breaking into the DNC computer network, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and other Democrats’ computers and then leaking emails and other documents to WikiLeaks and the media.

Mr Stone has previously admitted to having “back-channel” communications with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and remains a central figure in the Congressional investigation into Mr Trump’s links with Russia and Russia’s alleged attempts to rig the election.

Mr Stone told the Associated Press that his online exchanges with Guccifer 2.0 were obtained through a special warrant that allows the government to collect the communications of people suspected of being agents of a foreign nation.

He said he is willing to testify before any congressional committee that holds its hearings “in public and not behind closed doors.”

This article was originally published in news.com.au