Even the Church of Satan Has Dumped Kathy Griffin—but Not Sen. Franken

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:10 pm, May 31, 2017
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UPDATE: CNN announced Wednesday afternoon that they would be terminating their relationship with Kathy Griffin. She will no longer appear on the network for special events.


After a publicity stunt involving a plastic severed Donald Trump head, comedian Kathy Griffin is on the outs with just about everyone—except Minnesota Sen. Al Franken.

Griffin was forced to apologize late Tuesday after a video showing her holding up a bloody Trump head by the hair scandalized the left and right alike. The bizarre move drew condemnation from the president himself, who said his son, Barron Trump, had been traumatized by the video. It also lost Griffin a number of sponsors and supporters.

Early Wednesday morning, the ergonomic toilet stool company Squatty Potty quite literally dumped Griffin, calling her stunt “inappropriate” and in violation of “company values.” It’s a strong statement from a manufacturer that uses a rainbow-pooping unicorn in its commercials.

Even the Church of Satan (verified on Twitter!) distanced themselvesCNN, which lets Griffin co-host its New Years Eve coverage with Anderson Cooper, is still on the fence about letting her back. They said on Twitter on Wednesday that they haven’t yet firmed up their NYE plans (and in fairness, the severed head probably got better treatment from Griffin than Cooper usually does during the event).

Griffin, though, still has one friend: Sen. Franken, who was already marketing a joint appearance with Griffin at an event in July to promote Franken’s new book about his life in politics.

Franken, also a comedian, says Griffin is absolved after apologizing for the video, though he did says he made a “horrible mistake.”

“Well, I think she did the right thing. I think asking for forgiveness, and acknowledging – this was a horrible mistake. And so, I think she can,” Franken told CNN.

The concern for Franken—and, for that matter, the Church of Satan and the Squatty Potty—isn’t whether Griffin is sorry she decided to assert her cultural relevancy by hoisting Trump’s bloody head on camera. It’s the continued association with someone who lacks the ability to rationally consider the ramifications of such an act.

Squatty Potty and the Church of Satan don’t want to have their reputations ruined by someone who can’t stop themselves before joking about decapitating a President.

Fortunately for Franken, the crowd at his July event will be mostly sympathetic to Griffin, seeing as how they will mostly be members of the entertainment industry who live a cloistered life in Beverly Hills. And it’s also a cost-benefit analysis for the Minnesota Dem; Griffin has given thousands to his various campaigns and PACs (she lists her occupation as “not employed,” weirdly).