Evan McMullin Receives First Crucial Utah GOP Endorsement – Electoral College Upset

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By Louise Mensch | 4:04 pm, October 10, 2016

The first official GOP endorsement of Evan McMullin arrived today in his home state of Utah.

Former Lt. Gov Greg Bell endorsed McMullin on a local radio show:

Without hesitation, I’m endorsing Evan McMullin for President. This guy oozes character. His understanding of policy is mind-blowing. His experience with the CIA was impressive. Evan has such a feeling for how to bring people together and how to do it in a constitutional way. He has and will present a character-based campaign and administration.

It isn’t just about this election. This is about a new movement of people who want honor and restraint in government. I’m standing proudly with Evan.

This is monumentally significant in the race, and it is a developing story most of the media have overlooked. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein feature in national polls but have no chance of taking any states. McMullin could win electoral votes in conservative Utah and throw the contest to the House of Representatives.

All elected Utah Republicans bar Sen. Hatch have either unendorsed Trump or never backed him in the first place. Now Mike Pence states he is sticking with Trump, the option to write Pence in vanishes for Trump refuseniks, creating the perfect scenario for a McMullin endorsement.

Anger at Trump’s praise for Russia and Assad slaughtering children in Syria appears to have tipped Speaker Paul Ryan over the edge. With Ryan announcing that he will not campaign for or defend Trump, downticket races have the chance to vote for a movement conservative.

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are vocally pro-choice, meaning they will tank in conservative Utah. Mormon McMullin is also a former CIA field agent, and a present GOP House fixer. He has a strong record of opposing Russia and supporting free trade and NATO, classic conservative positions.

Campaign sources tell Heat Street they are hoping to have more Utah endorsements over the coming week. Congressman Jason Chaffetz was one of the first to unendorse Trump after his ‘Grab them by the pussy’ lewd tape describing sexual assault. Governor Mitt Romney strongly condemned Trump but has yet to make an endorsement. His backing is seen as crucial in Utah. In the primary, Romney backed Ted Cruz, who then came from nowhere to take the state from Trump.

If McMullin and his running mate Mindy Finn take the state of Utah outright they will manage something not done since the 1960s, and position themselves as a new generation of conservative leadership.

Even if the Trump campaign recovers from its present disastrous polling state – and it can hardly do otherwise – the loss of reliably Republican Utah would force the Trump campaign to not only win Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, but additionally take one of Wisconsin, Tim Kaine’s Virginia, or Colorado.

If Trump were to fall a state short, the election would be referred to the House of Representatives, and there is every possibility that angry Republicans wishing to safeguard the Supreme Court would choose McMullin over Trump or Hillary in such a scenario.