Evan McMullin Endorsed By Conservative Talk Radio Icon Glenn Beck

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By Louise Mensch | 4:37 pm, October 31, 2016
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Evan McMullin has capitalized on Donald Trump’s Utah freakout with a spectacular weekend of media coverage. First there was his interview on ‘Meet the Press’ :

Next followed a glowing profile in the Washington Post, which refuted many of the Russian Trump trolls attacks on McMullin’s CIA service:

I interviewed six former CIA officers who worked with McMullin during his 10 years inside the agency. What emerged was a picture of a young case officer who volunteered for duty in the world’s most dangerous places and had a unique talent for recruiting members of extremist organizations as assets.

The article places special emphasis on McMullin’s Mormon faith, which is bound to please voters in Utah, Idaho and other areas with strong LDS representation

McMullin stood out among all the new case officers because of his insistence on going outside the safe confines of the embassy to meet and develop human- intelligence assets. As a Mormon, McMullin could not indulge in the vices that often help to build such bonds, so he used his piousness and his experience before college as a missionary in Brazil to his advantage. “He believes in what he says and that’s how he recruited people,” the station chief said. “People fundamentally trust Evan.”

McMullin crowned this media offensive by winning a crucial endorsement from conservative legend Glenn Beck, whose talk radio show is listened to by millions, and whose conservative news outlet the Blaze is one of the most popular on the internet.

McMullin went on Glenn Beck’s show today – and Beck endorsed him for President, saying “Evan McMullin is my man.”

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