Evan McMullin At Double Digits in New Idaho Poll

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By Louise Mensch | 6:04 am, October 26, 2016

Independent conservative Evan McMullin appears to be overtaking libertarian Gary Johnson as the third party candidate in many states.

Donald Trump holds a commanding lead in safe republican Idaho, where he beats Hillary Clinton 48% – 29%. He is nonetheless under 50% in a safe Republican state.

Evan McMullin is third at 10%, with Gary Johnson at just 6% and others are 2%. Green Party candidate Jill Stein, usually mistakenly placed in ‘4-way’ polls despite no support, did not register in the deep red state.

Rasmussen Reports polled 750 likely voters. The cross-tabs will be released at noon.

McMullin has spent no significant time or resources in Idaho, concentrating on Utah, Iowa, and other mountain states. He is on the Idaho ballot and the campaign will be delighted to hit double figures here with time to improve. While the strategy is to ‘deny 270’ by winning a couple of states and proving Never Hillary / Never Trump with an option, a strong showing nationally could provide Federal funding in the next cycle, and will certainly establish McMullin and his running mate Mindy Finn as the next generation of conservative leaders.

Heat Street will be releasing a new poll in the red state of Utah where McMullin has been beating Hillary Clinton and tieing Donald Trump in past surveys. We also plan to poll the McMullin-Finn target state of Iowa shortly.