DYNASTY WATCH: Tiffany Trump Spotted on Harvard Law School Tour

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By Andrew Stiles | 12:05 pm, December 8, 2016

Tiffany Trump may be the lowest ranking member of the Trump dynasty, but she may be taking steps to improve her station through higher education.

Tiffany, 23, graduated from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania in May, but despite her bottom tier Ivy League degree, she was snubbed from the White House transition team, and was conspicuously absent from conversations about which of the Trump children would a receive top-secret security clearance.

Tiffany’s older siblings — Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric (in order of dynastic rank) — are all involved in the family business. There has been some speculation as to whether Tiffany, the only child from her father’s second marriage to Marla Maples, would follow in their footsteps. But recent developments suggests that Tiffany intends to pursue a future in law, rather than finance.

Earlier this week, Trump’s second daughter was spotted touring ultra-exclusive Harvard Law School, accompanied by her Secret Service detail. “We were sitting in the lounge area in the student center, and I saw a tall blonde girl walking through and I recognized her,” a student witness told Politico.

Another student snapped of photo of the alleged visit, although the blond woman in the picture cannot be identified. Neither the university nor the Trump Organization would comment to media outlets.

Many U.S. president have attended Harvard Law School, including President Obama.

Tiffany has not been shy about her aspirations to study law. Earlier this year, she posted a photo of LSAT prep books on her Instagram account alongside the caption “I Got This.”

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Tiffany presumably won’t have any trouble getting accepting into the Ivy League law school, given her credentials. She also has family ties to the school. Her brother-in-law, Jared Kushner, was admitted to Harvard College shortly after his father pledged $2.5 million to the university.

Becoming a lawyer after studying at such a prestigious institution would be a great way for Tiffany to surpass 10-year-old Barron in the Trump family dynastic rankings chart, which currently stands as follows:

  1. Ivanka
  2. Donald, Jr.
  3. Eric
  4. Barron
  5. Tiffany

The family patriarch has praised Barron as a precocious child who “has computers” and “is so good with these computers.”

The three top-ranking Trump children played active roles in their fathers campaign, while Tiffany stayed out of the public eye, apart from a primetime speech at the Republican convention. Her love for America, however, is not in doubt.

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